CFI Finishing School

You worked hard to get your CFI certificate, but the truth is most CFI training programs are rushed, and only take you to the 70% level you need to pass the FAA Knowledge and Practical Tests. That’s fine. We think you should aim higher.

Do what you need to get your certificate. Then come to us and we’ll finish the job!

For years, San Carlos Flight Center has heavily invested in our new hire CFI Programs to ensure that our instructors are the best in the country. We deep dive into aerodynamics until you absolutely can understand it, and more importantly can teach it. Real understanding, beyond the rote answers required for the FAA Knowledge Test.

We also will show you tips for how flight instruction should unfold in the aircraft to make your students reach their full pilot competency. What first fundamentals are critical to a student’s first few flights. How you can take even basic maneuvers and use them to make your students better at landing. Why the sequencing and grouping of flight education is important. It’s a whole week of things you should have learned but likely weren’t taught in your quick CFI program.


The next class is offered Tuesday October 3, 2023 – Friday October 6, 2023.

San Carlos Flight Center
795 Skyway Road, Suite A
San Carlos, CA 94070

Who can attend?
New CFIs with a Flight Instructor Certificate. Advanced CFIs that are looking to improve their abilities.
Class is generally limited to 8 attendees.

What’s in the program?
– Advanced Ground Topics and explanations that we often see taught poorly or not at all in CFI training programs
– Flight Training Essentials and tips for being more effective in the air.
– Professional Student Management Skills so you’ll be better at handling even difficult student situations

Who is teaching the course?
SCFC Chief Pilot Herb Patten 
Former SCFC Chief Pilot Dan Dyer
Other senior CFIs at San Carlos Flight Center

In-Flight Training (optional $1,200 add-on)
Four Lessons with an Advanced Instructor reviewing

  • Advanced methods for how to teach taxiing, basic aircraft control, and attitude flying
  • More effective tips for using maneuvers training to improve overall pilot control
  • Advanced takeoff, pattern work, and landing skills
  • Ways to improve crosswind competency

Housing Nearby
If you don’t live in the SF Bay Area, we recommend staying at the hotel on the airport:
Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott
555 Skyway Rd, San Carlos, CA 94070
Mention “San Carlos Airport” to get the reduced rate

This class will make you a great instructor. Instructors that do well in the program and do well on all of the subject completion exams are sometimes invited to stay on as full-time staff instructors at San Carlos Flight Center. We are passionate about effective instruction and always looking to hire competent people who want to be the best!