XWind 200 Crosswind Landing Simulator

The XWind 200 puts you in the cockpit during a crosswind landing, where your sight reference is the extended runway centerline on the floor in front of you, just like in a real airplane. The machine can simulate crosswinds of varying strength, which, coupled with your flight control movements, result in powerful motors moving your cockpit through drift, yaw, and roll exactly like you experience in your training airplane on landing. The muscle memory and visual practice you develop will directly translate to improved skills the next time you fly. With the XWind simulator, you’ll be able to discover your personal limitations for crosswinds, and have the confidence to make a smooth landing the next time you take to the skies.

Benefits of using the XWind 200 simulator:

  • Simulate the final approach portion of a landing without having to fly a traffic pattern
  • Simulate crosswinds of varying strengths to find your personal limitation
  • Learn how wind shear, turbulence, and gusts can affect your approach to landing
  • Recommended by insurance providers

XWind 200 Training Package:

One two-hour training session is the equivalent of dozens of landings, but without all those hours in the traffic pattern. This training is a MUST for pilots that operate out of the airports in the San Francisco Bay Area, or anywhere there are challenging crosswinds. Your CFI will give you various scenarios and conditions to experiment with, and you’ll emerge from the training with a newfound respect for crosswind landings, as well as the skills needed to make a stable approach and landing. Don’t let crosswinds ground your next flight!

  • Two-hour session
  • $280 ($250 for members)
  • Includes simulator and CFI time