Private Pilot Training

Private Pilot training involves both studying of ground knowledge and in-flight training.  Working with a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), you will build your confidence in the sky by completing flight lessons where you learn to control an airplane.  You’ll practice aerial maneuvers, takeoffs, landings, emergency procedures, and navigation techniques, all of which will aid you in being a safe and competent pilot.  You will be using SCFC’s Private Pilot Syllabus and frequently checking in with your instructor so you can always know where in the process you are.

On the ground, you and your instructor will also review topics that pertain to each lesson, which allows you to grasp concepts outside of the busy atmosphere of the cockpit, and gives you the chance to connect and build on ideas in a learning environment.

Understanding the whole process can be complicated. Below, we have some videos that answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the topic. Please take a look and reach out to us if you still have any questions. 

What Aircraft Should I Fly?

Click here to learn more about which of our aircraft are most frequently used in flight training.

What can I do as a Private Pilot?

As a Private Pilot, you can take your friends up for a quick sightseeing flight, a day of skiing in Lake Tahoe, or a weekend trip to Los Angeles! The skies are yours and the freedom is absolutely unbeatable. Some of our members that earned their certificates at the Flight Center have flown to places like Seattle, the Grand Canyon, and even the East Coast!

If I'm not a US citizen, can I still take flight lessons?

Short answer: Yes, absolutely!

Slightly longer answer: The Department of Homeland Security requires that non-US citizens submit an application to the TSA before receiving flight training. You can still take a Demo Flight but cannot continue flying beyond that until the TSA approves your application (this usually takes a couple of weeks). Please note, you’ll need to be paired with a flight instructor before you can submit the TSA application. Check out our flyer or the TSA’s website for more information.

To get started on your flight training journey, schedule a Demo Flight!  A demo flight lets you get behind the controls of an airplane, and gives you a glimpse into what a flight lesson is like.  You’ll get to meet an instructor, who can discuss with you the process of earning your certificate, and evaluate the next best steps for you to take.