The Upwind Foundation and Scholarship Program

San Carlos Flight Center is a proud supporter and flight training provider for the Upwind Foundation and the Upwind Summer Scholarship Program. Upwind was founded by pilots who wanted a way to promote piloting and general aviation, cultivate interest in aviation as a career, and to address the national pilot shortage.  Each year, high school students are given the opportunity to become certificated private pilots during the summer between their junior and senior year. San Carlos Flight Center is the program’s training provider, and offers planes, instructors, and facilities to Upwind’s students. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Upwind Summer Scholarship, please visit the Upwind website. Please visit the site to read about the application process, program history, and annual timeline.

How to Contribute

The Upwind Summer Scholarship is made possible by the generosity of local pilots and aviation stakeholders. To contribute, please visit the Upwind website.