Commercial Training

Flying for hire is a dream of many pilots. With San Carlos Flight Center, you will gain the knowledge and skills required to fly for a living. Whether you aspire to be a flight instructor or airline pilot, we will prepare you for advanced scenarios and situations that you will encounter in your daily flying.

The Commercial Certificate is very similar to your Private Pilot training, but with tighter standards on flight maneuvers. Working with a CFI, you will hone your skills by perfecting basic aerial maneuvers while you learn new ones. This will make you a more confident and capable pilot, and improve your ability to control the aircraft in a wide-range of conditions. You will also fly long cross-country flights to improve your navigation and fuel-consumption planning, as well.

In addition, you will pursue a deeper ground knowledge with your instructor. Now that you will be able to fly for hire, it is crucial that you understand all the factors that go into a flight. Once you review the ground knowledge and flight maneuvers, you will be ready to take your Commercial checkride with an FAA examiner. Once you pass, you will be able to fly for a living.

To get started with your commercial training, contact the Flight Center to get connected with one of our CFIs.