The SCFC Difference

The Community
When you fly with SCFC, you’re a part of a large network of pilots of all abilities.  With a range of events from Safety Seminars, BBQ’s, Flying Trips, and various pilot groups, there is something for everyone.

The Fleet
SCFC prides itself on maintaining a diverse fleet of aircraft that are all worked on by our own mechanics.  Our fleet is dynamic, and contains aircraft that appeal to a variety of pilots.  Whether you fly a Cessna 152 or our advanced Diamond DA40 NG, you will find that our aircraft are in excellent condition.

The People
Every member of our staff is happy to work with you to accomplish your goals.  From our instructors, to our Front Desk, to our mechanics, we all strive to make sure your time here is an enjoyable one.

The Quality of Instruction
Flight training is an investment.  While some schools or clubs pride themselves on having the cheapest or quickest path to becoming a pilot, we do not.  We believe that as you will have your certificate for the rest of your life, you should be trained to handle every scenario, to be a better pilot, and go above and beyond the basic FAA certification standards.  At SCFC, you will emerge a safe and competent pilot and be well trained in all aspects of flying. 

The Training Syllabus
All student pilots at SCFC use the Flight Center’s syllabus so they always know where they stand in their flight training. This ensures that you will know what’s coming in each lesson, so you always are prepared. All of our instructors use the syllabus, so they all will know what you are working on and what lessons are coming next. The syllabus also allows you to track your own progress, and gives students a way to see which areas of their training still need more review.

The Location
San Carlos Airport is the closest general aviation airport to San Francisco, and is conveniently located in the middle of the peninsula.  Surrounded by large international airports, San Carlos Airport allows pilots to hone their navigation and radio skills in one of the busiest airspaces in the world.  If you can fly here, you can fly anywhere.