We’re Returning to In-Person Seminars

We are excited to announce the return of in-person Safety Seminars at SCFC! Starting with the Private Pilot Jeopardy seminar on May 6th, most seminars will be hosted at the SCFC office and open to everyone in the local community. In-person safety seminar guests do not need to be an SCFC member to attend our in-person seminars.

This is a return to how we began our safety seminar program. Before March 2020, our in-person seminars were open to everyone, and were also available for live and recorded online viewing to SCFC Web Members. When COVID restrictions prevented us from hosting in-person events, we transitioned to online-only seminars and temporarily opened our livestream access to all. In September 2020, we relocated to a new building, which initially lacked the infrastructure for in-person events. However, we have recently made upgrades that again allow us to host these events in person.

Beginning in May, we will continue to livestream and record all safety seminars, but access to online viewing, both live and recorded, will return to being a privilege exclusive to SCFC Web Members and Renting Members. While those without SCFC membership will no longer be able to access the member level livestream, they will always be welcome to attend our in-person seminars.

We look forward to welcoming you in person starting on May 6th, beginning with a fun program we are calling Private Pilot Jeopardy. If you are unable to join us in person or prefer to watch from home, please consider becoming an SCFC Web Member. Your membership supports our mission to provide high-quality content twice a week, at 7 PM on Wednesdays and 12 PM on Saturdays.