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Energy Management – A Different Approach to Flying

August 11, 2021 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Due to the COVID-19 public health crisis, this seminar will only be available for online viewing. IN-PERSON ATTENDANCE WILL NOT BE PERMITTED.**

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Pilots think differently than physicists.  Physicists approach flying the way they do other studies of mechanical motion, with an understanding of mass, speed, force, work, and energy.  Values and relationships accumulated over the years describe the interaction of bodies in motion, in a way that allows scientists and engineers to make predictions about their behavior. Yay, science!

Pilots inside cockpits moving through space are more often concerned with the task of flying, what action of the controls causes the aircraft to climb, descend, turn, or remain straight and level.  Our perspective is often focused on our little picture, on the stuff we touch inside the cabin.  But much can be gained from taking the big picture look at flying, and especially approach to landing, from the perspective of an energy scientist.  This is the Energy Management approach to landing.

In this presentation, join SCFC Founder Dan Dyer as he brings us a big picture overview of how energy is created, consumed, used, and transferred in aviation. How can an understanding of chemical, kinetic, and potential energy inform our skills as pilots? Which flight control most easily transfers energy back and forth between potential and kinetic? Where does the energy go?

A good pilot is always learning. Join us if you want to improve your landings by coming at it from an entirely different angle.


Dan Dyer is the founder of the San Carlos Flight Center, and has built the motto of Safety, Community, and Adventure for over 8 years.  Dan was an instructor for 15 years, accumulated over 4,000 flight hours, and is the Bay Area’s local expert in crosswind landing instruction. He is known for finding simple and innovative ways to explain complex topics and regularly speaks on advanced ground school topics.  Find out more about Dan at www.sancarlosflight.com or contact him at dan@sancarlosflight.com

San Carlos Flight Center (SCFC) is the SF Bay Area’s most dynamic flying club, committed to building general aviation through safety, community, and adventure. AOPA has consistently recognized SCFC in their Best Flight School survey, most recently in 2019 as a Distinguished Flight School.

SCFC is committed to promoting safety in general aviation through our regular safety seminars and guest speaker programs. Livestream access is free for everyone, but recorded seminars are available solely to members at a later date. Click here or contact a SCFC member service rep at (650) 946-1700 for more information about online access to our web archive.



August 11, 2021
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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