Garmin 430 Simulator

SCFC’s PFC BATD GNS-430W allows pilots to log time toward a private pilot certificate or instrument rating with significant cost savings and increased flexibility compared to in-airplane training. Instruments and systems can be selectively failed to simulate partial-panel, electrical, and pitot system emergencies. In order for time to be logged, use of the GNS-430W must be administered by a certified flight instructor. However, solo use is available to any pilot for personal proficiency or to gain experience with new or unfamiliar airport procedures.


  • Simulate all local instrument procedures including ground-based navaids (VOR, NDB) and satellite based navigation (GPS)
  • Instrument and systems can be selectively failed to simulate emergencies
  • Simulated airplane can be rapidly repositioned or frozen for clarification or repetition
  • FAA approved to log time 
    • Reference current regulations


  • $50/hour ($40/hour for members)