Recurrency Training

Flight Review:

Are you a rusty pilot, or just want an instructor to give you helpful tips on your flying? If so, then take a Flight Review! Our Flight Review helps pilots of all abilities stay current on important ground knowledge, while making sure their flight skills are sharp. Our instructor team will work with you to help you get back in the air and ensure that you are able to handle any situation in flight. To schedule a Flight Review, please contact our Front Desk.

Instrument Proficiency Check:

Maintaining instrument currency is critical for any instrument-rated pilot. If you want to gain currency or get better at flying approaches, schedule an IPC with one of our instrument instructors. Taking place in either our simulator or an aircraft, you’ll gain experience flying a handful of approaches, all while receiving helpful guidance and feedback from an instructor. After an IPC, you will be more confident in flying single-pilot IFR. To get started on an IPC, please reach out to our Front Desk.

Mastery Training:

A good pilot is always learning and fine-tuning their skills. As a private pilot, why not strive for perfection? At San Carlos Flight Center, our Mastery Badge program allows pilots to hone skills in various aspects of flight, ranging from maneuvers, to emergencies, to radio communication, and more. Through training with an instructor, you will improve your flying skills to a new level. Pilots who complete Mastery Training in one of our categories will be eligible to earn a Mastery Badge for that course. Call or email an instructor to begin your Mastery Badge training.