Mountain Checkout

Flying in the mountains offers pilots new challenges in a dynamic environment. Pilots must be aware of terrain, weather, and aircraft performance as they traverse mountain passes and operate at high elevation airports. While takeoffs and landings at low elevations may seem straightforward, the high elevation of mountain airports makes airport operations more complicated.

San Carlos Flight Center offers mountain flying training. Using one of our Cessna 172 or 182 airplanes, you and a CFI will plan a route into the Sierra Nevada mountains, where you will learn to navigate through mountain passes, simulate abnormal situations, and land at a variety of high elevation fields. You will also work with a CFI on learning the knowledge portion of mountain flying, which is essential if you want to be confident in the new terrain.

SCFC covers the following areas of mountain flying:

  • Takeoffs and Landings at mountain fields
  • Mountain Passes
  • Emergency Situations
  • High-Altitude Operations
  • Crossing mountain ridgelines

To get started on your mountain flying checkout, contact the Flight Center to get connected with one of our CFIs.