High Performance Training

After earning your Private Pilot certificate, step up to more speed and power with a high-performance endorsement. A high-performance endorsement enables pilots to fly airplanes with more than a 200 horsepower engine, which gives them a better cruising speed and the ability to carry more weight. At San Carlos Flight Center, our Cessna 182s allow pilots to transition to a high-performance aircraft in an easy way. The 182 is known for its smooth handling and similar flying characteristics to the 172, making the checkout process familiar to those who have flown Cessna aircraft before.

Our transition process at SCFC is simple. First, you will go over the ground knowledge for the high-performance endorsement and the Cessna 182 on the ground. Once that has been completed, you will transition to the 182 by perfecting aerial maneuvers, learning how to manage the engine, and simulating emergencies. Finally, you will complete a variety of takeoffs and landings to wrap up the checkout.

To begin the checkout process, contact the Flight Center to get connected with one of our CFIs.