CFI Training

Now that you have earned your commercial pilot certificate, the next logical step to advancing your aviation career is to obtain your flight instructor certificate. After all the training you’ve received to get to this point, you are ready to give knowledge back to the aviation community and train the next generation of pilots. At San Carlos Flight Center, we not only teach you the required exercises necessary for the flight instructor certificate, we also help make you a confident and dynamic teacher. Our training program not only prepares you for the checkride, it prepares you for a career.

You will be paired with an advanced instructor who will act as both a coach and a mentor on the way to earning this coveted certificate. Your instructor will mold your lessons around case studies and scenario-based training in order to give you a glimpse into what a typical day would be like as a CFI. Contrary to your previous training, CFI training is ground-intensive, meaning the majority of lessons you’ll complete will be learning how to teach and explain complex concepts. Flight training will also occur, albeit your instructor will act as a student in order to allow you to practice your teaching skills in the cockpit.

CFII Certificate:

SCFC can also help you acquire your instrument instructor (CFII) certificate. Training follows the same outline as the initial instructor certificate, although you may combine your CFI training with the CFII course. 

To get started with earning your CFI or CFII certificates, please reach out to our office.

What are the minimum requirements to begin CFI training?
We recommend pilots hold at least a commercial pilot certificate, although some students are able to work on the commercial and instructor certificate concurrently. This is something you would want to discuss with your flight instructor.
How long does it take and how much does it cost?
This rating varies heavily on previous pilot experience, and is earned solely on competency. Thus, each pilot will take a unique amount of time to earn their rating. However, most pilots need at least ten hours of flight training and twenty-five hours of ground instruction before they’re ready for the FAA checkride.