San Carlos Federal Contract Tower (FCT) Information (draft)

San Carlos Airport’s Federal Contract Tower (FCT) is run by Serco, a private company contracted by the FAA. For several years, Serco has been unable to adequately staff the tower. While we understand the controllers who work at the tower are working long hours to provide as much service as they can, the staffing shortage has resulted in chronic issues over the last few years. Pilots who have flown at San Carlos Airport (SQL) have experienced degraded service, lengthy delays, and unplanned closures. If you experience any of these, please file the two reports listed below.

This issue will not fix itself. The FAA needs to understand the severity of this issue and take action. We need your help sending messages to FAA officials encouraging them to replace the San Carlos FCT with an FAA-staffed Air Traffic Control Tower. In coordination with San Carlos Airport management, we’ve put together talking points and template messages. You are welcome to copy one of these, modify it, or use the key talking points to help you craft a message. Please send messages to as many of the contacts listed below as you can. This is our best attempt at getting the FAA to make this necessary change.

Erik Amend
FAA Western-Pacific Regional Administrator

Timothy Arel
COO, FAA Air Traffic Organization

Shannetta Griffin
FAA Associate Administrator for Airports

David Boulter
FAA Associate Administrator of Aviation Safety