Garrett Mifflin | Staff Flight Instructor








Certificates and Ratings: CFI

Garrett grew up in northern Utah near Salt Lake City. Every time he had the chance to fly on an airliner, he was glued to the window enjoying the views from the air. Following his graduation from the University of Utah, he spent some time in the fitness industry before pursuing his interest in aviation. He quickly realized that he loves flying and continued his training from private pilot to certified flight instructor. After becoming a CFI Garrett moved to the Bay Area and joined the Flight Center. He continues to enjoy flying to discover new views as well as to help other develop the skills that allow them to explore the skies.

During his spare time Garrett enjoys spending time with his wife and toddler as well as going hiking, camping, and snowboarding.

Aircraft Flown

  • Cessna 152, 172
  • Piper Archer

Ratings Offered

  • Private Pilot
  • Commercial

Rate: $85/hour ($100/hour for non-members)