Our Committment to Sustainability

Our Switch to Unleaded Avgas
Back in August 2021, we made a pivotal change. San Carlos Flight Center switched all of its eligible aircraft to Swift Fuels UL94 unleaded Avgas, the day that it became available at our airport. Why? To align with our commitment to sustainable aviation.

EPA’s Findings Validate Our Mission
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently published findings regarding the risks of Lead Exhaust Emissions from 100LL fuel. We’re ahead of the curve—95% of our fleet is already using unleaded fuel, which accounted for over 99.8% of our flight hours last year.

Collaborative Efforts for Sustainable Skies
We’ve joined hands with Rabbit Aviation Services and the San Mateo County Airport Administration to promote UL94 unleaded Avgas. We’re not just adapting to a new standard; we’re setting it.

Awaiting the FAA’s Green Light
There’s more to come. We’re keenly waiting for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to approve the use of Swift’s 100R 100 octane unleaded fuel in our remaining aircraft. Once that happens, our entire fleet will run on unleaded fuel.

Why We’re a Swift Fuels Ambassador
Our role as a Swift Fuels Ambassador reflects our active push to move the industry forward. As a Swift Fuels Ambassador, we’re championing the use of cleaner, more efficient fuel options for everyone in General Aviation.