The Special Ops Team – SCFC’s Volunteer Management

Are you looking for a fun way to deepen your involvement in aviation? Join Special Ops – a team group of volunteers and members working to support amazing projects at the Flight Center and general aviation. Special Ops comes up with great new ideas, and together we make them a reality. Every event that happens at the Flight Center is successful because of an enthusiastic group of Special Ops pilots behind it, making it work. Join us and take your passion for aviation to the next level!

When pilots come together, it’s always a good time. That is why building a community of pilots has been one of the core missions of San Carlos Flight Center since we opened our doors in 2012. Each year, over 2,000 local pilots participate in at least one Flight Center event, sharing stories, having fun, and learning from each other. This is how we build general aviation – one pilot event at a time.

Be a part of the San Carlos Flight Center energy and join us on Special Ops!