Safety Seminar Program

San Carlos Flight Center believes in the philosophy that a good pilot is always learning. We are proud to have the most active Safety Seminar Program in the country where pilots of all abilities and skill levels can come to learn something new. We host seminars twice a week, on Wednesdays at 7 PM, and on Saturdays at 12 PM. Join us to master challenging ground topics, discover new flying destinations, fine tune radio skills, and learn from industry professionals. With an active in-house speaker bureau and a growing guest-speaker base, we continue to schedule a wide variety of presentations equipping you with the knowledge to operate more safely.

All seminars are available for in-person viewing in our office. If you can’t watch a presentation in person or prefer to watch from home, all seminars are live-streamed and recorded for Web Members.

New in 2024: Seminar Engagement Program

We believe our seminars are so high quality that we are introducing a new program in 2024 for anyone who attends live, either in-person or remotely. 10 Seminars will count toward 1 hour of instructor time with one of our Flight Center CFIs.

Watch this video to learn how this program works or read below. 


  • In person attendees write emails on a sign up sheet. 
  • Online live attendees will enter a codeword on the SCFC website at conclusion of the seminar.


  • Once you have accrued 10 seminars, ask the front desk to redeem them for 1 hour of instructor time, either ground instruction or flight instruction, with one of our Flight Center CFIs. 
  • Redemptions are only possible in multiples of 10 seminars. 
  • Track your progress on our website by logging in under a new member only page called Seminar Engagement Program. 


  • Some events may not be eligible for Seminar Engagement Program. 
Become a Web Member Today

Enjoy SCFC Safety Seminars on your devices at any time, obtain WINGS credit and become a more knowledgeable pilot. You can sign up for Web Membership here.

Want to Speak at a Seminar?

Have a topic you’re keen on sharing?  Join us as a presenter. Everyone has some topic that they’ve researched, or an interesting flight experience to recap.  If you have a compelling topic and would like to present it to the Flight Center community, we would love to hear about it!  Click here to get connected with our seminar planning team. 

SEP Progress

View your current Seminar Engagement Program progress here.