The SF Bay Area FlyOutGroup (FOG)

The SF Bay Area FlyOutGroup, or FOG, is a group of student pilots, private pilots, and flight instructors who participate in “flyout” adventures all around California and beyond. We come up with a fun reason to fly, pick an airport, and meet up there. Sometimes it’s for training, sometimes it’s purely for adventure, but it’s always fun!

FOG is an open group of pilots of all levels, locations, and aircraft types. FOG is organized and often hosted by the staff at San Carlos Flight Center, but it is a completely free and independent group open to all pilots. We welcome FOG members who fly their own planes, rent from other local flight schools, or even just want to ride along as passengers. FOG is and will always be a fun way to share aviation with others.

There are many types of FOG trips. They range from visiting a local airport for lunch, flying a cross-country for dinner, or even a multi-day trip to a new region! Below is a sample of various destinations and events FOG has hosted.

  • Lunch at Shelter Cove
  • Dinner at Monterey
  • Air museum visits
  • Air Traffic Control facility tours
  • Mountain flying around Lake Tahoe
  • Colorado’s Rocky Mountains
  • Yellowstone & Glacier National Park
  • The Grand Canyon
  • And many more!
To view upcoming FOG events, you can visit the FOG Events page. 
In order to sign up, you will need a login account to the SCFC website. You can create an account here

We are looking forward to seeing you at the next FOG event!