Fly Like a Girl – SCFC’s Women’s Pilot Group

Fly Like a Girl (FLAG) is SCFC’s group for women pilots and girls interested in flying, aeronautical engineering, air traffic control, and more. These events are a way to get girls interested in STEM and introduced to flying and aviation.  Any time a group makes inroads into an industry in which they are underrepresented, it can be valuable to have a place to share ideas, hear stories, and exchange tips for success. Fly Like a Girl brings together women pilots, women instructors, women controllers, and women interested in learning more about aviation, so that they can benefit from each other’s experiences. Fly Like a Girl is open to all, but we especially encourage women to help build a stronger presence in the world of flight training. 

All women interested in aviation are welcome to attend our bimonthly meetings with inspiring guest speakers.

For more information view SCFC’s upcoming events.