BAY FLIGHT – The Bay Area’s GA Pilot Conference

San Carlos Flight Center is the official host of the SF Bay Area’s annual conference for GA pilots, BAY FLIGHT. BAY FLIGHT is a one or two-day event held in the San Francisco Bay Area, which brings together pilots, educators, and aviation professionals together for a day of learning and knowledge sharing.

Held every year in late October, BAY FLIGHT begins with a keynote address on the theme of the conference, followed by a variety of breakout seminars on diverse topics such as cross-country planning, instrument approaches, mountain flying, and many more. The BAY FLIGHT Conference concludes each year with a panel of local Air Traffic Controllers, which allows pilots and ATC to foster better communication.

BAY FLIGHT 2019 was held on October 26th at the Seaport Conference Center in Redwood City. Jason Miller, host of the podcast and YouTube channel, The Finer Points, was the conference’s keynote speaker. To find out more about BAY FLIGHT, please visit the BAY FLIGHT website.