Contact San Carlos Flight Center Maintenance for your next aircraft service. We offer multiple services including 100 hour inspections, oil changes, AD compliance, aircraft discrepancies, and more. Our team of A&P mechanics and IAs has experience working with many makes and models of light aircraft. Take advantage of the Flight Center’s reputation for quality and its central location to get all of your aircraft maintenance needs taken care of.

 Whether your maintenance or repairs are complex or simple, SCFC Maintenance will be happy to help.

Services We Offer

Regularly changing the oil in your aircraft is critical to the health of your engine. It varies by manufacturer, but it is often recommended to change your oil every 50 hours. Schedule a 50 hour inspection with SCFC, and we will change your oil and oil filter, clean and test your spark plugs, and perform a general inspection of the airframe and engine to ensure that there aren’t any hidden issues that need to be addressed before the next major inspection. We will also send an oil sample out to an analysis lab for testing, to ensure that no metal or other contaminants are in your oil.

Even if your aircraft is not operated for hire, it is often beneficial to perform 100 Hour inspections. All inspection panels are taken off for a thorough view of all components of the airplane, as well as servicing of many items. The engine is thoroughly inspected and any issues are corrected. All ADs are verified and complied with. If your plane flies often, schedule a 100 Hour inspection in between annuals to catch issues early and keep you and your passengers safe.

Most, if not all, GA aircraft have ADs that need to be performed on a recurring cycle. This could include the fuel injector lines, seat rails, paper air filter, and more. Contact us to schedule a service for compliance with an AD. 

We can help you with all sorts of aircraft discrepancies. This can include troubleshooting an issue or replacing a broken component. If we find a discrepancy that we aren’t equipped to handle in-house, we work with other local shops for propellers, engines, avionics, and more.

Maintenance Hours
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday – Friday

Maintenance Contact Info
(650) 946-1701

Parking Information
Our maintenance hangars are located on the southwest side of the airport. Ask the tower for directions to “Flight Center Maintenance.” You will be directed toward Hangar 13, where you’ll see a large San Carlos Flight Center Maintenance sign. Park in any of the tie-down spaces that are painted blue. Based at San Carlos? Contact us and we will likely be able to tow it to our maintenance hangars so you don’t have to worry about it.