The FlyOutGroup (FOG) is a group of Northern California student pilots, private pilots, and flight instructors who participate in “FlyOut” adventures. We come up with a fun reason to fly, pick an airport, and meet up there. Sometimes it’s for training, sometimes it’s purely for adventure, but it’s always fun!
FOG is an independent flying club for pilots of all levels, locations, and aircraft types. The FOG site is hosted by the staff at San Carlos Flight Center, but it is a completely free and independent flying club. We welcome FOG members who fly their own planes, rent from other local flight schools, or even just want to ride along as passengers. FOG is and will always be a club-agnostic fun social flying club.
For trip suggestions, questions, and comments, contact us at
Visit the FlyOutGroup (FOG) Events page for a listing of all our upcoming events and trips. Examples of of previous events include:

Mountain Flying

  • Sierra Nevadas
  • Rocky Mountains
  • Yellowstone National Park

FAA Facility Tours

  • Airport Control Towers
  • Approach and Departure 


  • Precision Landing
  • Air Rallies
  • Airport Hops

Aviation Interest

  • Air Museums
  • NASA Facilities
  • Notable Airports

Social Trips

  • Weekend Getaways
  • Lunch, Dinner, and More


Join us if you like flying and enjoy being with people who do as well! Click here to learn how to join.