Staff Flight Instructor (Full Time)

Are you a flight instructor looking to join the best flight school in the country? San Carlos Flight Center is always looking for safe, enthusiastic, and effective flight instructors.

The Flight Center is different from other flight schools or flying clubs in a number of ways.

We have a strong flying club feel and a great sense of community. We have many events each month, both training and social. We are a Part 61 school that believes in a strong, thorough syllabus that includes many enhanced training experiences (e.g., tower tours, social dinner flights, etc.). We believe in turning out highly competent pilots who had a great time learning to fly.

Characteristics of CFIs that excel at SCFC include:
– Easy to work with, good personality, professional in look and demeanor
– Extremely knowledgeable about the aircraft systems, POHs, operating characteristics, regulations, etc.
– Highly competent ground instructors who can explain complex concepts simply
– Passionate flight instructors who hold students to incredibly high standards
– Looking for a place to call home for the next year or two.

Note: We don’t have a minimum hours requirement. Our hiring minimums are tied to knowledge, skills, and personality.  New CFIs are welcome to apply.

Our CFI hiring process is as follows:

1 – Exchange of Info
Complete our online Staff Flight Instructor job application. Along with the application, submit a short (5-8 minutes) video of you teaching one of the following Private Pilot ground topics:

  • Left-turning tendencies
  • Induced drag
  • Design maneuvering speed (VA)

2 – Ground Knowledge Interview
Select applicants are invited to a Ground Knowledge Interview with a member of our Chief Pilot team. This can be in person or via Zoom. We will test the depth of your ground knowledge and your ability to learn new material as it is presented to you during the interview. 

3 – Flight Test
Applicants who pass the Ground Knowledge Interview are invited to complete a flight skills evaluation flight with us. To be offered a position, at minimum, you must be able to demonstrate a controlled takeoff and a safe landing to our standards (parallel, centerline, nosewheel protected).  We also look for overall aircraft stability and rudder use.

4 – New Hire Training (2 weeks)
Flight Instructor Trainees begin a paid 2-week onboarding program that covers SCFC teaching methodologies, SCFC’s Private Pilot syllabus, local airspace familiarization, business policies/procedures, and fleet checkouts. Instructors are evaluated regularly to confirm that they are competent in our teaching methodologies and club knowledge. Included in the program are two demonstration/evaluation flights during which we show you some SCFC-specific training exercises and methods.

5 – Promotion to Staff Instructor (and assigned students)
At the end of training, successful new hires that meet all these criteria, join the staff as full employee Staff Instructors and are assigned students.

  • Pass final SCFC New Hire Training written exam
  • Registered as a TSA training provider, and in IACRA
  • Demonstrate SCFC takeoff
  • Demonstrate coordinated initial climb
  • Demonstrate coordinated, crisp roll-into and roll-out of level 30° bank turns
  • Demonstrate SCFC power-off stall maneuver
  • Demonstrate SCFC approach and landing with stabilized 70 kt final approach into ground effect
  • Demonstrate expert control and maneuverability in landing flare (e.g., ability to move laterally in ground effect while remaining parallel, double touch and go)

Important Dates for October 2024 CFI Hiring
August 25th – Information Session (4:00 pm)
September 9th – Teaching videos due
September 16th through 20th – Ground interviews
September 23rd through 27th – Flight interviews and job offers
October 7th – Start Date


  • FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate
  • FAA Flight Instructor Certificate
  • FAA Medical Certificate
  • Competency in Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets
  • Professional attitude and demeanor
  • Able to live and work in the United States
  • Able to commute to San Carlos for work 5 days a week


  • Flight Instructor Trainees earn $19/hour during New Hire Training
  • Staff Flight Instructors earn $40-60/hour (depending on flight instruction experience)
  • Kaiser health care contribution
  • Enrollment in company 401(k) plan
  • Paid vacation
  • Discounts on flight training and aircraft rental
  • Annual flight credit

San Carlos Flight Center is an equal opportunity employer and participates in the E-Verify Program.