Flight Instructor Jobs at SCFC

Are you a flight instructor looking to join the best flight school in the country? San Carlos Flight Center is always looking for safe, enthusiastic, and effective flight instructors.

The Flight Center is different from other flight schools or flying clubs in a number of ways.

We have a strong flying club feel and a great sense of community. We have many events each month, both training and social. We are a Part 61 school that believes in a strong syllabus. Our syllabus is thorough and includes many enhanced training experiences (e.g., tower tours, social dinner flights, etc.). We believe in turning out highly competent pilots who had a great time learning to fly.

Characteristics of CFIs that excel at SCFC include:
– Easy to work with, good personality, professional in look and demeanor
– Extremely knowledgeable about the aircraft systems, POHs, operating characteristics, regulations, etc.
– Highly competent ground instructors who can explain complex concepts simply
– Passionate flight instructors who hold students to incredibly high standards
– Enthusiastic about sharing flying with others
– Good public speakers who can deliver dynamic safety seminars, and participate in other club events
– Able to help create homework assignments, maneuver guides, and other training materials to contribute to shared knowledge
– Interested in flight instruction as a profession, and passionate about effective flight instruction
– Looking for a place to call home for the next year or two.

Note: We don’t have a minimum hours requirement. Our hiring minimums are tied to knowledge, skills, and personality.

Our CFI hiring process has three phases.
Phase 1) CFI candidate sends in resume and cover letter. Tell us why you fly and what your goal for your time here would be. We chat via email, online or in person to answer any questions you have about the position.
Phase 2) Candidate schedules a Ground Knowledge interview session with Chief Pilot (in person or FaceTime). This is where we test your ground knowledge, your approach to teaching, and ability to learn new material.
Phase 3) If candidate passes ground, we schedule a Flight Skills evaluation flight with Chief Pilot and/or other SCFC CFIs. This is where we test your flying ability.

If you’re ever in the San Carlos area, call and set up a time for you to come by our office. We can show you the Flight Center and talk with you about what instructing at SCFC is all about.