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December 19 (Wed) 7pm- G1000 for the IFR Pilot KMFD to KCEC

We welcome back Tom McGrath as he gives us a practical look at the G1000 vertical profile. 

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Dec 20 (Thurs) 7:00pm Special Ops Meeting

Here at San Carlos Flight Center we believe our community helps us stand out as such an amazing and successful flight center, and we couldn't be happier! Our motto is safetycommunity, and adventure; our building blocks that we grow with constantly. 

Join us @ 7:00pm for this months Special Ops Meeting!


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January 2 (Wed) 7:00pm- Cross Country Planning

Join CFI Drew Shevelow as he shares what he learned, even as a flight instructor, on his cross country flight. 

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January 5 (Sat) 12pm- On Board Radar

We welcome Tom McGrath as he tells us more about TBM on board radar- what it can tell us and how. 

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January 9 (Wed) 7pm- Air Taxi- What You Can and Cannot Do with Charters

Join Captain Ben Taber as he reviews what pilots can and cannot do and how to stay out of trouble in the terms of Part 135 Charters.

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January 12 (Sat) 12pm- A Deeper Look at Airworthiness

We welcome airplane owner James Sloan as he shares the things he learned as a new owner that he didn't learn as a pilot. 

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