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July 21 (Sat) 12:00pm Aerodynamics- One Level Down

"I thought I knew how the wing worked..." a pilot asks themself. SCFC Chief Pilot Dan Dyer takes us through basic aerodynamics that will help every pilot understand their flight controls better. 

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July 25 (Wed) 7:00pm Recovering from Inverted Flight

Competitive Aerobatic Pilot, Tom Myers, provides us with the knowledge to know how to react and handle when your flight becomes upside-down. 

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July 26 (Thur) 7:00pm Special Ops Meeting

Here at San Carlos Flight Center we believe our community helps us stand out as such an amazing and successful flight center, and we couldn't be happier! Our motto is safetycommunity, and adventure; our building blocks that we grow with constantly. 

Join us @ 7:00pm for this months Special Ops Meeting!


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July 28 (Sat) 10:00am SFO Class B Airspace

NCT TRACON presents the new SFO Class Bravo Airspace that will chart on August 16.
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Aug 1 (Wed) 6:30pm Fly Like a Girl Meeting: West with the Night

Join Fly Like a Girl @ 6:30pm to discuss the book West with the Night by Beryl Markham.

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August 4 (Sat) 12:00pm Cessna 172N, 172S, and 172R- What's the Difference?

Join Stephen Heesacker CFI as he walks us through all the differences between the 3 models to enhance the safety of your flight.

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August 8 (Wed) 7:00pm Void If Not Off By- IFR from Non-Towered Airports

Join Captain Ben Taber as he reviews and shares tips on how you get from the ground to the enroute system safely in this useful seminar. 

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August 11 (Sat) 12:00pm How an Aerospace Engineer Sees the World of Flight

Ever thought about how engineers view flight? Join Kevin Gray, a pilot studying aerospace engineering at Embry Riddle, as he shares the educational background for engineers and how that applies towards aviation.

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August 15 (Wed) 7:00pm How Drones Integrate into the National Airspace System

Join Kespry's Technical Project Manager, George Fahmy, as he discusses everything and anything you want to know about Drones from an Industry Leader.

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August 18 (Sat) 11:00am Radio Communication Workshop

SCFC’s 2-hour Radio Communication Workshop is meant to bridge the gap, to help newer pilots understand the structure of radio calls and how to improve their own radio skills, with plenty of chance to practice their skills.

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