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November 13 (Wed) 7PM - Guardians of the Golden Gate: Challenges Facing Bay Area Coast Guard Pilots

Wondered who's flying that Coast Gaurd Helicopter? You won't want to miss this oppurtunity to learn about Coast Guard Operations in the Bay Area, the challenges they face, and how they overcome them.

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November 16 (Sat) 7PM - 32 Days Solo Across America

Remember your first solo? Then you instantly thought you could solo the world! Learn about how one pilot soloed across the country in 32 days, and learn from the challenges he faced throughout his journey

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November 20 (Wed) 7PM - Top 20 Things I learned about ForeFlight

Using a helpful electronic tool in flight for the first time can come off as overwhelming without knowing the tips/tricks about it. Don't miss out on this seminar if you wan't to learn more about one of the leading pilot apps in the world: ForeFlight.

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November 21 (Thur) 7pm- Special Ops Meeting

Join us for this month's Special Ops Meeting! Volunteer to help make our community even stronger, and be in the know for upcoming events & news

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