Flight Center Events

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July 17 (Wed) 7pm - Lost Comms in IMC

Join CFI Brian Eliot, San Carlos Flight Center's resident IFR expert, to learn about lost comms procedures

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July 20 (Sat) 12pm - Collegiate Aviation

Learn about different collegiate aviation programs across the country

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July 24 (Wed) 7pm - Ground School Refresher: VFR Charts

Come to this ground school refresher on VFR charts

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July 27 (Sat) 12pm - Changes to the Noise Abatement Procedures at KSQL

Find out about upcoming changes to the noise abatement procedures at KSQL

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July 27 (Sat) 1pm- SCFC Summer BBQ!

We invite you to come on out for our peak-of-summer BBQ! Bring your family, friends, and an appetite, and join us as we try to beat the heat with some cool activities!

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July 31 (Wed) 7pm - Landing Secrets Revealed

SCFC Chief Pilot Dan Dyer presents Landing Secrets Revealed

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