On the Horizon

at the Flight Center

Flight Center Events

FlyOutGroup Trips

Demo Flights

Demo Flights

Interested in training, or want to give a family member a great gift? Our Demo Flights put you in the pilot seat, and let you experience what it’s like to become a pilot.

Ground School

Ground School

Learn the fundamentals and background of flying in our course. Offered for both the private and instrument level, go beyond the FAA standards and gain insights into the world of aviation.

Join the Club

Join the Club

Already a pilot, or looking to start training? Join the Flight Center to rent aircraft, meet other pilots, and explore new places from the air.

The SCFC Difference

Whether you are new to the world of flying or are looking for a flying club to call home, San Carlos Flight Center is excited to help you take the next step in your flight training journey. The Flight Center was founded on the principles of safety, community, and adventure, and through these, we hope to make your training and rental experience a great one. No matter if you want to fly over the Bay Area, go to Lake Tahoe for a day of skiing,  or make a career out of flying, we’ll help you get there.

Our fleet is serviced in-house by our dedicated maintenance and flight line team, and you’ll find the aircraft to be clean, safe, and comfortable for your mission. A wide range of aircraft allows pilots to find the best aircraft for their needs and schedule. In our office, we have three flight simulators to enhance your training experience and sharpen your skills in the cockpit.

Our instructors and staff are dedicated to teaching, and all follow the same syllabus that’s designed to help you succeed. We use real-world, scenario-based training to create fun and unique lessons that will help you retain knowledge and become a better pilot. Our Ground Schools contain lectures taught by our Chief Pilot team, as well as bonus workshops to take your knowledge beyond the classroom.

Want to be a part of the club? Contact us by phone or email to discuss your aviation goals, and we’ll help you achieve them.