Stephen Heesacker, Senior CFI


  • Wednesday – Sunday


  • $100/hour ($85/hour for members)

Flying has always been a joy! I started designing and building Radio controlled airplanes and gliders in high school and began flying real airplanes while earning degrees in Physics and Aeronautics at San Jose State University.

I competed on the San Jose Precision Flight Team and United States Precision Flight Team and was ranking top 15 in 1986 nationwide gaining flight experience in California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas and Oklahoma.  

Flying is fun and opens the world to more opportunities.  I had tons of fun learning to fly. Learning to fly with precision improves navigational skills, as well as improves safety and landing skills.   I was held to a very high standard when I was taught to fly and throughout my professional career.  I expect and hold my students to a similar standard.  

Certificates & Ratings


  • Commericial: ASEL, Instrument Airplane


  • CFI, AGI

Training Offered

  • Private
  • Commercial
  • BFR
  • High Performance Transition
  • Complex Transition
  • T210 Checkout