Patti Andrews, CFI

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Patti has fully dedicated her life to education. As a college professor, Patti has years of experience teaching in the classroom but it wasn’t until 2004 when Patti first began teaching in the air. Believing that flying can be a part of “The Good Life,” Patti always has a sense of excitement when it comes to aviation. When it comes to teaching, Patti hopes to share that flying life feeling with her students.

Certificates & Ratings


  • Commercial: ASEL, Instrument Airplane


  • CFI, CFII (FAA Gold Seal Instructor)

Aeronautical Experience

  • Flying since 2004
  • 4,000+ hours of flight

Training Offered

  • Private pilot
  • Commercial
  • Instrument
  • CFI
  • CFII Availability
  • Contact for availability