Matt Churchill, CFI


  • Tuesday – Saturday


  • $90/hour ($75/hour for members)

Growing up in Livermore, the whole Churchill family was always involved with the local airshow and aviation quickly became an obsession. It wasn’t until he was gifted a Demo flight from his sister in law, who is also a pilot, that the path became clear. After training all over the bay area and parts of Phoenix, he now works as a full time CFI and part time as a co-pilot in a King Air 200 out of San Carlos. Outside of aviation he spends a majority of his time on random adventures with his wife, getting out to board the freshest snow possible, and trying to convince people to join him for a day of paintball in the redwoods. 

Certificates & Ratings


  • Commercial: ASEL, AMEL, and Instrument Airplane


  • CFI, IGI

Aeronautical Experience

  • Cessna and Piper

Training Offered

  • Private Pilot
  • Commercial Pilot
  • High Performance Transition
  • Complex Transition