Brandan Dadoun – Safety Seminar Coordinator

Brandan has worked as San Carlos Flight Centers Safety Seminar Coordinator since fall 2019. Brandan has been a part of the Flight Center for over 4 years and has completed most of his flight training there. Brandan is a student pilot, and recently soloed on his 16th birthday! He is excited to continue his flying journey while obtaining his Private Pilot Certificate and Instrument Rating before moving onto college. After college, Brandan would like to pursue a professional flight career in corporate aviation. In 2016 he started the Flight Teen Volunteer Program at the local aviation museum, as of 2020, the number of teens interested in aviation have skyrocketed to over 80 active teen volunteers because of his program. He was also an active volunteer in the local EAA chapter, along with being a part of the Youth Aviators Weekend Program (YAW) for many years. Over the summer he manages the flight line program keeping all aircraft clean and maintained, along with interning at charter jet companies to gain experience within the aviation workforce.

Outside of flying, Brandan enjoys playing the tenor saxophone in his high school’s jazz, symphonic, and marching bands; playing golf for the school’s golf team and lighting manager for school drama productions. Brandan is actively involved in growing our guest speaker program; he is constantly looking for more inspirational speakers to share their knowledge with our pilot community. Don’t hesitate to contact him if you have any questions or suggestions for the Safety Seminar program.