Student and New Pilot Support Group


The Student and New Pilot Support Group meets on the first Monday of every month and is directed towards student and new pilots - regardless of experience level - to meet and learn from each other's experiences. It's a great way for new pilots and student pilots to meet other people going through the same process and share tips on what works. 

Also, check out the Meetup group for Bay Area Student and New Pilot Support Group

All are welcome to attend.


Support Group Photo


"When a student graduates to pilot they can fly a plane, but there are so many other nuances that are not taught, such as:
- How to traverse LA airspace / What to look out for.
- New destinations
- Bay tour (The first thing new pilots will do.)
It [helps] make the unknown a little less unknown." - Ian Inglis
"One of the biggest boosts that I get is the confidence to ask questions I'd never ask in a seminar session on the same topic. Questions, even the most basic ones, are never treated as dumb questions, and I appreciate that!" - Alyce Gershenson
"The group fosters an open discussion of issues and experiences we have in common, from cranky tower controllers to interesting new flight destinations.  I’ve learned that many situations I thought were unique to me and my flying really are not.  I’ve picked up several “hope that never happens to me!” stories, along with positive advice and tips. It’s a chance to learn from people who still remember what it’s like to make novice mistakes!" - Mike Lloyd