A cost saving and flexible way to practice a variation of different local instrument procedures. FAA Approved.



Xwind 200

Learn crosswind landing skills in a safe, controlled environment.



Multi-Screen G1000

Experience of what it is like to fly a G1000-equipped aircraft complete with three full size screens providing 135 degree vision. FAA Approved.



G1000 Desktop Trainer

A computer mouse and click version of a G1000 simulator




If you are looking to train in a simulator that represents airplanes, SCFC has two aircraft aviation training devices (ATDs), which you can use to log hours*:

  • The ATD representing a Cessna 182T is an Advanced ATD, or AATD. (Multi-Screen G1000)
  • The configurable single/multiengine ATD, representing multiple aircraft types, is a basic ATD, or BATD. (PFC BATD GNS-430W)
    *Regulatory changes effective May 12, 2016, allow crediting a maximum of 10 hours of BATD time or 20 hours of AATD time, for a combined maximum of 20 hours, toward the required instrument time of the airplane instrument rating.