September 2012

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September 2012
Congratulations, Mark Moran!
On October 1st CFI Mark Moran begins the next exciting step in his flying career, as a First Officer for SkyWest Airlines flying the Brasilia Turboprop. Mark has been a tremendous asset to us at SCFC, and we'll miss seeing him around the office and the hangar. We wish him all the best in his new career!
Multi-Engine Training
We are pleased to offer multi-engine training to our members through our new partnership with Twin Time Builders and Linda Monahan, Designated Pilot Examiner, and Gold Seal CFI/CFII/MEI. All training is done in a Piper Twin Comanche, and packages are available such as 3-day AMEL add-on rating for private or instrument pilots. For more information, visit
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Right Seat Workshop - Sept. 1 Recap
On Saturday, September 1st we held our first Right Seat Workshop to welcome non-pilots into the world for flying. The workshop was the first in the series, and covered air traffic control and radio communications. Attendees spent three engaging hours learning in a judgment-free environment, and participating in fun training exercises designed to help them feel more at ease in the cockpit environment, and even to help increase the safety of the flight. The series continues in October, so stay tuned for another opportunity to send your regular passengers to a Right Seat Workshop! Next topic: Flight Instruments and Controls.
Member Profile: Bob Van Zant
Bob is an instrument-rated pilot with 300+ hours, co-owner of 236SP and a volunteer member of the SCFC Special Ops Team.

SCFC: Why do you fly?
Every possible reason! I love the freedom of VFR flight on a clear day, the precision of IFR flight on any type of day, and sharing scenery as viewed from the sky to both new and experienced passengers.

SCFC: Tell us about the solo trip you took after earning your PPL.
I read in a magazine about some teenager flying across the country, which sounded incredible. To one-up the teenager, I did it as a no-planning trip. I woke up each morning, checked the weather, and went where it was good. I had a general idea of where I might go, a huge stack of charts, an iPad, a rented Garmin GPS with satellite weather, and nearly complete freedom to do whatever I wanted.

I flew solo from here through Idaho and to Denver where my wife, Heather, met me. We flew together to New Mexico, Arizona, Southern California and finally home. It was an amazing trip and I cannot wait to do it again. I recommend that all pilots do this at least once.

SCFC: What else do you do for fun?
When I'm not flying I'm usually on a bike ride wondering if I can fit my bicycle into the plane for some cycling in less familiar locations. My 1-year old son, Nicholas, keeps me on my toes. And sometimes the wife and I just sit down with a glass of wine and some music.

SCFC: Do you hope Nicholas wants to fly when he gets older?
I do. I dream that by the time he creeps up on the magic age of 17 that I'll be retired from my day job into the world of a CFI and can play a part in him getting his license.

The Member Profile is a regular newsletter feature, designed to help SCFC members get to know one another.

Welcome New CFIs!
Andrei Afanasiev, Patti Andrews, Ted Tilton, and Dave Zittin.

California Mountain Flying Weekend
The FlyOutGroup will be doing a 2-Day Mountain Training Trip though the Sierra Nevadas on October 20-21. Fall weather usually brings cool mornings and clear skies. It can also bring warm days and occasional afternoon thunderstorms along the ridgeline, both of which are good things to learn to respect during trips to airports at higher elevations. This is mountain training, comma so expect to pay $ for CFI, hotel, and shared aircraft time. Sign up on the FOG database or call the office at (650) 946-1700 to get a seat in one of the planes.
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