Proficient Private Pilot Assessment

If you’re looking for ways to continue to improve your skills, grab a San Carlos Flight Center flight instructor and do a Proficient Private Pilot assessment. Find out what areas would most benefit from some additional attention. There are many skill areas that are commonly found as weaknesses on Private Pilot flight reviews. Which one might you work on next?

Common Weaknesses & Areas of Improvement

  • Eyes outside: Using the horizon as a guide in straight and level flight, and when making changes to pitch, bank, and heading.
  • Taxi Technique: Direction control and speed control without riding the brakes. Crosswind taxi technique.
  • Airport Pattern Operations: Pattern shape. Wind correction. Stabilized approach. Smooth flare and touchdown.
  • GPS Proficiency: Competency in using GPS courses, flight plans, and databases.
  • Navigation Skills: Course Tracking. Heading vs. course using wind correction.
  • ATC Services: Competency using ATC radar services, Class B transitions, Class C entry, arrival and departure.
  • Charts and Publications: Fully understanding VFR Charts, A/FDs, the AIM, and ACs.
  • Rudder Coordination: Correcting for adverse yaw in turns, climbing turns, and clearing turns.

Private pilot proficiency assessments are performed by San Carlos Flight Center instructors and are often combined with new member checkouts and flight reviews.