Pamela has more than 16 years of aeronautical experience in general aviation, charter and corporate operations.  As a Gold Seal Flight Instructor, Pamela sets high standards for her students, emphasizing strong basic skills.  She loves sharing the joy and wonder of aviation and is an active pilot with the EAA Young Eagles program. Pamela is an experienced and patient instructor – and focuses on helping her students become safe and proficient pilots.

Certificates & Ratings

  • FAA Gold Seal Flight Instructor - CFI, CFII, MEI.
  • Commercial - ASEL; ATP - AMEL.
  • CE510S, CE560XL & CE500 Type Ratings 

Aeronautical Experience

  • Active Bay Area flight instructor since 1998
  • 4,000 hours dual given; 7700 hours total time
  • Experience in Corporate and Charter operations

Training Offered

  • Private, Instrument, Commercial & Flight Instructor Training
  • High-Performance Aircraft checkouts
  • Mountain Flying
  • Tailwheel Training
  • Currency Training - BFR & IPC


  • Weekdays (Mon-Fri.)
  • Limited Weekends- by appt.


  • $90/hour

Contact Info