For the Multi-Screen G1000 Sim
Two-hour sessions
$270 for SCFC Members  ($290 non-member)
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Here are some examples of what the Sim Packages will be like:

IFR Sim Package - IV1: VOR DME Approaches
Get your feet wet with VOR Instrument Approaches on these straightforward classics.  VOR provides course guidance and DME makes fix identification easy.  Practice using DME from the VOR or try your hand at using GPS overlay to provide distances, but be sure you understand how that changes the DME presentation.  Final Approach Fix identification with DME.  Practice these approaches with three local approaches that you'll encounter often in your in-flight instrument training.

IFR Sim Package - IV2: Long Final VOR Approaches
Some airports don't have their own VORs and the IAP rides off a VOR a long way away from the airport.  With these approaches, precision is everything.  Practice 1(degree symbol) accuracy with your OBS knob and smooth, steady course tracking to keep the needle centered and sensitivity decreases.  Learn how the error approximation calculation factors into real-life approach scenarios.  Two local VOR approaches and one from far North give you the chance you need to tighten up your tracking accuracy.

IFR Sim Package - IV3: Conventional VOR Approaches
Structurally, these VOR approaches are very common, with IAF and FAF co-located at the VOR.  They tend to be challenging, requiring solid station orientation (To/From) and good understanding of inbound and outbound courses.  Practice maintaining HDG during needle hypersensitivity at the fixes.  Many include a course change at the Final Approach Fix.  Good practice for T's (turn/time/twist...).  Time finals.  Although conventional, these take your VOR workload to a new level.

IFR Sim Package - IV4: On-field VOR Approaches
What do you do with a Instrument Approach without a Final Approach Fix?  This class of VOR approaches is very confusing to instrument students and practice IFR pilots alike.  Practice approaches that always have a procedure turn within a prescribed distance to the field.  Many Northern California approaches offer this structure, and we'll take you through 3 of them.

IFR Sim Package - IV5: VOR/VOR Cross-Radial Approaches
Practice your instrument approach workload management skills with VOR/VOR Cross-Radial approaches.  Keep your situational awareness strong while staring at two CDI needles meaning two very different things.  Practice timed finals, and be sure to keep the 2nd VOR updated with the next fix.  These VOR approaches are often considered the highest workload of all the VOR approaches.