November 2012

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Harish Guntaka
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November 2012
SCFC Holiday Party - Save the Date!
We cordially invite you to the San Carlos Flight Center Holiday Party on December 31st! This will be the most fun New Year's Eve party you've ever been to - we'll having a DJ spinning great tunes to dance to, excellent food and drink, and some memorable traditions to take part in, honor the year gone by, and share our hopes for 2013. We'll celebrate midnight at 10:00pm, so whether you're an early bird or a party animal we've got you covered!
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December Monthly BBQ & Under the Cowling
The next monthly BBQ is Saturday, December1st. Stop by (maybe before/after your flight) and enjoy some great food and friendship in the SCFC hangar. This month we welcome Brandon Thompson of Suburban Air Corp. who will be on hand for an Under the Cowling experience. Brandon is one of the mechanics who take great care of our fleet and keep you safe in the air. He will show you what's covered up with all that metal and how everything moves and functions.
Bird Strike Incident
A bird struck one of the SCFC airplanes while a student and CFI were doing pattern work. There were no injuries.
When: Saturday, November 10, 6:30pm
Where: Palo Alto Airport, right downwind for runway 31, 800 feet AGL
What Happened: The bird impacted the plane in flight and cracked the windshield. Both pilots remained calm. The student continued to operate the aircraft while the CFI declared an emergency to the tower. On final, the student transitioned flight controls to the CFI and the landing was made without incident. The plane was taxied to transient parking and secured for overnight.
What was the Damage: Large laterally cracked windshield requiring replacement.
What We Can Learn From This Incident:
1. Palo Alto has bird strikes. Although bird strikes occur at many Bay Area airports, Palo Alto has more than its share of bird strikes. The airport is adjacent to the SF Bay, a bird sanctuary, a golf course, and a landfill. Birds love all of these places and move from one to another. Stay vigilant for birds during day time and consider avoiding night operations at Palo Alto due to the reduced visibility.
2. When an incident occurs, fly the airplane. In this incident, both the student and CFI remained calm, and the airplane was in full control at all times. This is an example for all of us that flying the airplane is the first priority.
3. Incidents happen. That's why there's insurance. Thankfully there were no injuries, but there was still considerable cost associated with the incident. The windshield will be replaced and that includes removing and replacing a number of rivets that secure the windshield in place. The Flight Center has insurance for all of these damages, except for the $1,500 deductible paid by the renting member. SCFC strongly encourages all members to obtain a Renter's Insurance Policy to avoid having to pay the deductible out of pocket.
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Ramp Safety
In general, Flight Center members are doing a great job with safety in the ramp area. Here are a few guidelines for all of us to do even better.
  • Startup: when you're in a plane parked on the Hiller side, be sure to pull the aircraft out away from the fence so we don't blow prop wash and debris onto people/objects on the other side of the fence.
  • Upon starting, immediately taxi up to the corner so you can be seen by arriving aircraft. Spend as little time as possible in parking area. There's plenty of time to complete your preflight tasks in the runup area, and it's safer to linger there than in parking since nobody is walking around in runup.
  • Mind the hangar. Keep the nose wheel on the line or slightly wide and you won't go wrong.
  • Upon arrival, consider landing long and exiting at Charlie. This allows you to see if there is a plane in parking area before taxiing in.
  • Parking is unassigned. Taxi in and take the open space furthest in, closest to the office building.
  • Remove all foreign objects and debris (FOD) from the parking area whether it's yours or not.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Right Seat Workshop Series, Session #2 Flight Instruments and Controls
On Saturday, November 17 Dan Dyer presents the 2nd Right Seat Workshop to demystify the most common instruments you'll see in a cockpit and help you develop at least a passing knowledge of how to read and interpret them. He'll cover the standard "6-pack" flight instruments, as well as the magnetic compass. Also, we'll introduce you the the various gauges and dials used to monitor the health of the engine and electrical system. Throughout, we'll break the lecture up with fun exercises that allow you and your fellow classmates a chance to enjoy the learning process.
Saturday, November 17, 2012 
10:00am to 3:00pm includes lunch

Cost: $100 for non-members or
$80 for right-seaters sponsored by SCFC members
SCFC's Right Seat Workshop Series is designed for right-seat passengers. If you have a friend, relative, or spouse who flies with you, this seminar series is designed to give them more knowledge about what is happening in the cockpit. Our seminar series covers ground training but can be paired with in-flight training sessions on request.
Member Profile: Harish Guntaka
Harish has a true passion for aviation that you can sense whenever you see him at the Flight Center. "Flying gives me that special feeling I have never experienced before and I believe that comes with a little bit of courage and a lot of confidence."

Harish completed his first solo flight on November 3rd. "I always look forward to challenges as a way to learn things quick and think. My biggest challenge so far has been the journey to my solo which I have successfully overcome, and I am looking forward to the next challenge of my solo cross country." Harish had a special welcome after his solo flight - he taxied to parking and was greeted by the cheering crowd at the monthly BBQ!

"My parents have been my biggest inspiration all through my life and this gave me the motivation to think out of the box and pursue aviation. I knew the time was right for me to step into a plane when I got introduced to San Carlos Flight Center by a friend who recommended the center strongly." Ultimately Harish wants to achieve his goal of becoming an Airline Transport Pilot and greeting passengers from the cockpit of a jumbo jet.

Outside the airport, Harish can be found riding his motorcycle, working at Facebook HQ and watching movies with friends. With a warm and genuine smile, he offers a bit of advice, "If you have the true passion to take off to the skies, you will."

The Member Profile is a regular newsletter feature, designed to help SCFC members get to know one another.

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Announcing the Upwind Summer Scholarship Program
We're proud to announce the Upwind Summer Scholarship program, the brain child of a group of pilots who were thinking of new ways to expand the experience of flight and share it with others. The objective of the program is to transform a high school student into a licensed private pilot over the course of the summer between their junior and senior year. The program includes study materials, ground school, flight training and mentorship.

Want to get involved? Great! Opportunities include being a flying event buddy, study partner, or of course donating money to offset cost of materials, instructor and flight time. You can contribute financially in a number of ways: a single contribution, a monthly pledge, or drop a few dollars in the donation bowl at the monthly BBQ.

And remember to watch for updates in 2013 as we go through the selection process and transform one teen into a private pilot!

Airport Hop Recap
Four FOG planes and eight FOG folks took part in the November 3rd Airport Hop. Everyone met up at the Flight Center to enjoy a BBQ lunch, debate the answers, and announce the winner. Good fun was had by all and we look forward to the next one! Congratulations to Dan Zitter and Nader Moussa who won FlyOutGroup T-shirts.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
FlyOutGroup 2013
We have been having lots of fun planning next year's FOG adventures. They're all on the calendar here: and we will soon publish an at-a-glance calendar. Check it out and make plans now to participate in awesome trips like Santa Maria wine tasting in March, Colorado Mountain Flying in June, and Pacific Northwest in September. Of course there are monthly lunch and dinner flights! And we may even throw in a couple of extra fun events when the inspiration comes.
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We keep our online calendar updated, so bookmark this page: Better yet, follow the instructions at the top of the page to add this calendar to your iPhone.