New Member Checkout

Already a pilot? When first joining San Carlos Flight Center, we need to assess your pilot skills and make sure you’re up to our safe pilot standards. If you are current and fly often, it’s likely a quick checkout. If it’s been a while, it may take a few flights to get your skills up to date.


  • Skill aspects specific to operations at San Carlos and the Bay Area
  • Local airport noise abatement procedures
  • Hangar, taxiway, and ramp safety
  • A review of the control airspaces around the bay area
  • Get checked out in a familiar plane or combine it with training in a new plane

SCFC Standard

San Carlos Flight Center pilots are highly competent, so depending on your current skillset, how long you’ve been flying, and where you learned to fly, there may be skill gaps we can help you fill in. We occasionally find pilots that need additional safety training and education before becoming a member.


Our checkout process is fun and you’ll be flying in a beautiful area. It’s a great chance to meet our staff, instructors, and other members. We look forward to welcoming you into the club!

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