I got my private pilot license in India flying tail wheel aircraft in 1980. After a lapse of nearly 23 years, the aviation bug hit me once again and I resumed flying in 2003 and have earned all of my FAA ratings here in the bay area. I now have been thoroughly enjoying flying for nearly 2200+ hours in the following models:

- Cessna 152/162/172/182, Cirrus SR20 / SR22, Piper Warrior, Arrow and multi engine planes, Duchess and Piper Seminole

Outside of the cockpit, I manage a small software development team at a high tech company and enjoy outdoor activities like skiing, swimming and traveling to new places.

Kumar GopalCertificates & Ratings

  • Private
  • Instrument
  • Commercial
  • Multi-Engine
  • CFI
  • CFII

Aeronautical Experience

  • Flying for 6 years
  • 950+ hours of instruction given
  • flying in other countries
  • experience with wide-variety of aircraft

Training Offered

  • Private
  • Instrument
  • Commercial
  • BFR
  • Mountain
  • Aircraft Checkout


  • $90/hour Non-Member ($80/hour Members)

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