June 2012

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June 2012
Congratulations to PIC Rajpal Sodhi
Thursday, May 31st is a day Raj won't soon forget - the day he passed his Private Pilot Checkride with ease and confidence. Raj and his CFI, Dan Dyer, made the cross country flight to Castle airport (KMER) for the checkride with DPE Linda Monahan. The flight there was PIC Dual, but the return trip was just plain PIC! Great job, Raj!

San Carlos Flight Center is now an AOPA preferred FBO. So now when you use your AOPA credit card here at SCFC, you qualify for bonus points for every dollar spent. Program details available here.

Our after-hours key box is now available for your early morning and late evening flights. Inquire at the front desk for access.

Xwind 200 World Tour
SCFC's crosswind simulator is hitting the road. Just off a hugely popular appearance at International Learn to Fly Day, where crowds kept it running constantly throughout the event. Now it's off for an invite-only appearance later this week for employees at Intel, the Silicon Valley giant. Finally, the tour concludes back at San Carlos for an appearance at Hiller Aviation Museum's Vertical Challenge on Saturday, June 16th.

What's so great about the Xwind 200? It's highly effective, skill-specific simulator like no other. Strap yourself in to the full-motion simulator and practice slips and crabs in variable winds and turbulence. You'll significantly improve your crosswind skills in one session, giving you the confidence to master those KSQL crosswinds. Plus it's fun! Schedule your session today by calling us at (650) 946-1700.

Welcome New San Carlos Flight Center CFIs
  • Kevin Hyberger joined us full time in May, so you'll be seeing him often around SCFC. He hails from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, where he earned degrees in finance and aviation safety.
  • The center continues to draw in top quality, experienced flight instructors from around the airport. This month we extended instructor privileges to John Murphy, Lisa Dyball, and Brett Smith among others. These CFIs have solid SQL credentials and we welcome their contribution.
Announcing Community Membership
  • In response to requests for a non-flying membership, we're proud to announce our new Community Membership. Community Members enjoy the same privileges as regular Members, without the aircraft rental. Simulator training, invitations to special events, access to SCFC resources, and much more. Only $20/month!
Aerial Tours
We pilots take for granted our privilege of seeing the beautiful Bay Area from the air. Every day we get to experience the thrill of departing the Earth and returning safely to the ground - something that very few others will ever get to do.

As part of our our commitment to celebrating the Adventure of flight, SCFC is now an FAA-approved provider of Aerial Tours. We're thrilled to share our passion for flying with ground-loving locals and tourists alike.

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