San Carlos Flight Center aircraft and their owners are covered under the Flight Center's aircraft insurance policy.  
LIMIT OF LIABILITY: $1,000,000 combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage per occurrence, with sub-limit of $100,000 per person
DEDUCTIBLE: $1,000 not-in-motion, $1,500 in-motion
Flight Center members are protected by our a no-subrogation policy, however the Renting Member and/or Instructor may be held liable for the deductible for any damage to the aircraft.  See the Member Regulations for details.  San Carlos Flight Center strongly encourages all members to purchase their own aircraft renter’s insurance policy to cover them wherever they fly, as well as to cover the above deductible if something should occur in an SCFC plane.
SCFC worked with our insurance broker Zanette Aviation Insurance to identify a starter Renter’s Insurance policy.  Click here to download information about the starter policy or call Zanette (650) 593-3030 with more specific coverage questions.