IFR Ground School

Course Overview

The 12-week course covers the aeronautical knowledge included in the FAA Knowledge test for the airplane instrument rating. It meets the Aeronautical Knowledge requirements of Section 61.65(b).


Enroll by calling our front desk at (650) 946-1700

  • Registration is required
  • Enrollment is limited


Twice a year (Summer and Winter)
Thursdays at 7:00pm (Each class
typically lasts 2-3 hours)


$280 for 12 weeks The course fee includes attendance, course materials, final examination, and certificate of completion


The final examination reproduces the content and format of the actual computer-administered FAA test. Pilots completing the course receive a graduation certificate and instrument instructor endorsement qualifying them to take the FAA instrument rating knowledge test as specified in Section 61.65(a).

Topics Covered

  • Aero dynamics
  • Air Traffic Control Principles & Procedures
  • Instrument Navigation Charts
  • GPS & RNAV
  • Airplane Instruments
  • Navigation
  • Departures, en route, arrivals, and approaches
  • Flight Planning
  • Regulations
  • Weather