San Carlos Flight Center is proud to offer helicopter flight training for pilots pursuing Private and Commercial certificates. We are the only school in the Bay Area offering both helicopter and fixed wing flight training and aircraft rental.

Our principal training aircraft is a new Robinson R22 Beta II. It offers great visibility, a fun hands-on flying experience, and agile maneuverability.


Helicopter Primary Training
Earn your initial Private Pilot Certificate in helicopters. Click here for details about the training process. The steps to earning your Helicopter PPL are the same as those for Airplane PPL – the only difference is that you perform the aeronautical skills in a helicopter instead of an airplane. SCFC offers personalized, one-on-one training that is tailored to fit your schedule and your needs.

Transition to Helicopter
Are you already an airplane pilot? Getting your helicopter certificate may be easier than you think. You will need a minimum of 20 hours dual training (including 3 hours cross country and 3 hours night training), 10 hours solo time, and to pass the practical test. No written test is required if you already have your airplane rating.

Call us today to schedule your helicopter demo flight (650) 946-1700.