G1000 Avionics Checkout

Ready to fly through the clouds? Let us check you out in one of our various G1000 equipped aircraft. Increase your situational awareness and safely fly the most technically advanced avionics available.

Key Aspects

  • Primary Flight Display (PFD)
  • Engine monitoring system
  • Traffic and terrain displays
  • Weather Data Link page
  • Auto-pilot and Flight Director
  • Map displays features and overlays
  • Systems status and database currency
  • Emergency procedures and system malfunctions

Checkout Process

  • Get a Pilot Operating Handbook
  • Review ground training
  • Review Preflight
  • Review Four Fundamentals
    • Takeoff
    • Landing
    • Aerial Maneuvers
    • Emergencies

Disclaimer: All checkouts are based on pilot competency. It begins with instructor training and continues until pilot reaches safe competency in the aircraft. Checkout times and duration vary widely pilot to pilot.