Jul 12 (FRI) 10 am Norcal TRACON

Event Date: 
Friday, July 12, 2019 - 10:00am

Jul 12 (FRI) 10 am  Norcal TRACON


Meet the controllers you talk with every week and see their side of the equation.  This is probably one of the best events you can attend to improve your interactions with ATC.



CFI Herb Patten will lead a limited number of people to the Norcal facility in July.  The tour begins at 10 am sharp and you need to arrive at Sacramento Mather Airport at 930 am followed by a short drive to the Norcal facility.  You must be a US citizen or have a green card. The tour lasts 2 hours.


If you are interested, email Herb at herb@sancarlosflight.com.  Space is limited.