Jan 25 (Sat) Day Trip to Hawthorne Airport (through LAX Bravo)

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Saturday, January 25, 2020 - 11:15am

Jan 25 (Sat) Day Trip to Hawthorne Airport (through LAX Class Bravo)

If Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon can make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs, then FOG can make the LA Run in 1 day.










Some FlyOutGroup pilots are doing a long flight down to Los Angeles and back to visit Hawthorne Airport (adjacent to LAX) where SpaceX is headquartered.  Grab a plane you want to settle into and start brushing up on your LA Terminal Area Chart transition routes.  IFR students, this would definitely qualify for the required long IFR cross country.

Although they don't give tours of SpaceX, the SpaceX Booster (the one that comes back and lands) is on display on the field in front of the building.  We can see it up close, take goofy pilot photos, and grab lunch as a group.  If you are new to LAX Class Bravo, this would be a great introduction to the Class B transition routes, especially for landing at the closest general avaition airport to LAX (about 4 miles away).

KHHR is known as Jack Northrup Field / Hawthorne Municipal Airport to honor the deep history the airfield played in early aerospace development.  Northrup is there.  Boeing has offices nearby.  This was one of the centers of the space race and modern aviation.  The airport is steeped in history.

Depart whenever you want, but plan to meet the group at KHHR's Jet Center of Los Angeles at 11:15 am.  Outside of SpaceX, about a block’s walk from the Jet Center, is a Falcon Booster Rocket. This is your unique opportunity to see it up close.  We’ll have lunch as a group before returning home.  You can be back in the Bay Area before your family realizes you were gone.

This is an awesome flight which offers many options to transverse the LA Bravo, a few which will take you over the LAX Airport Complex itself. You will truly feel privileged being a pilot.  

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