April 10 (Sun) 12:00pm: FOG Watsonville

Event Date: 
Sunday, April 10, 2016 - 12:00pm to 3:30pm

Join the other pilots of the Bay Area FlyOutGroup for this month’s lunch on Sunday April 10th as we try out Ella’s on the field at Watsonville Airport.  If you haven’t tried Ella’s, why not try it with 10-20 of your closest FOG friends.
This FOG Lunch is a special joint event with the kids from YAW, the Young Aviators Weekend program.  YAW is a bi-weekly club for high school students who meet and engage in aviation related activities.  Every year, the pilots of FOG take one month to invite along the kids from YAW who may not yet have experience how much fun a lunch flight can be.  It’s fun for the YAW kids and it’s a great opportunity for FOG members to spread their knowledge to young aviation enthusiasts both in the air and on the ground.
We hope you’ll join us.  This special event for both FOG and YAW members is a fantastic leaning and teaching opportunity for the aviation community.
If you are willing to offer a ride along in your aircraft to one of the YAW kids If you do have available seat(s) for YAW members, please let us know in the "room for others" section of the registration for this event and email Kevin Petrie at kevinp@sancarlosflight.com so he can coordinate with the YAW members. The best place to park is on the southwest side of the transient parking area where you can walk through the gates and into the restaurant.
If you do not have available seats, don't worry, meet at the front of the restaurant at 12:00pm and we will try to be seated together.  Be sure to add your name to the web page sign-up list so we can get an accurate headcount.