December 2013

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SCFC Events and Safety Seminars
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The Fleet
Cirrus SR20
N353CA - $255/hr

Super Decathlon
N66405 - $140/hr
($160/hr for aerobatic)

N59WD - $135/hr

C182 - G1000
N182BG - $235/hr
N1483L - $240/hr

C172S - G1000
N646DW - $170/hr
N1004E - $170/hr
N63251 - $175/hr

C172S - 6-pack
N458SP - $153/hr
N236SP - $153/hr
N21263 - $156/hr

N5210H - $125/hr

N24896 - $98/hr

Multi-Screened G1000 - $75/hr
Xwind 200 - $240/session
ATD GNS-430W - $30/hr


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Pop Quiz
A fun monthly
knowledge test.
1. When Santa is flying his sleigh VFR at night at 9,000 ft MSL in Class G airspace over the Central Valley, what are his visibility and cloud clearance requirements?

2. Santa last flew at night 364 days ago. What must he do to reset his night currency before he takes his elves as passengers?

3. When the SQL tower controllers are nestled all snug in their beds after 9:00pm and the tower is closed, what class of airspace does the runway become?

(answers are at the bottom)
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Pop Quiz Answers
1. Visibility 3 statue miles . Cloud clearance 500 ft below, 1,000 ft above, and 2.000 ft horizontally.

2. Three takeoffs and landings to a full stop made one hour after sunset.

3. Class G.

Stay Informed

December 2013
Add Some Cool to Your Next Flight - Only $10
The Flight Center now has 7 new David Clark headsets for member rental to augment our existing collection of free loaner headsets. If you're going on a longer flight, or you want to impress your passenger, ask the front desk about our $10/headset/flight rental headsets. Your team will want to fly with you more often if they are flying in comfort and style.
We also have our GoPro camera, and a variety of mounts in a carrying case for members. For $10/flight, try recording your next training lesson or Bay Tour. Download your video to your own memory stick after each flight.
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Improved Online Schedule
Our online scheduling system is going through a couple of changes in preparation for the release of a mobile version. The system is switching from using USERID for logging in to EMAIL ADDRESS. The next time you log in you may find yourself asked to switch to using your EMAIL ADDRESS.

Actually, this is a good change. Email address is easier to remember than some USERID anyway. We plan to switch in a similar way for members to watch streaming safety seminars and access their email lists.

Say the Word - OPTION
At San Carlos Airport, standard procedure is for the tower controller to clear you to LAND unless you specifically ask for the OPTION. "Traffic Pattern", "Closed Traffic", and "Landing Practice" all won't work. So if you're planning on doing touch-and-gos, be sure to tell ground or tower that you intend to request the OPTION. Say it, and they'll know to give it to you. And remember, if you're only cleared to LAND make it a full stop and get off the runway.
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Caution - Asphalt Repairs
We've recently made some repairs to the asphalt in the Flight Center tie-down area. It's new work, so keep your taxi speed slow and your RPM low until we've completely removed any sand or small rocks from the parking area.
Member Profile: Joanna Moore
SCFC: What inspired you to learn to fly?
I've always stopped to look up when I hear a plane overhead, and I finally got tired of watching from the ground. I had never been in a small plane before I started training, so I was shocked at how small they are. Now that I've flown the 152 I can't complain about flying coach!

SCFC: What has been your most awesome experience as a student pilot so far?
Flying across the bay after sunset and watching the big jets right above us on their way to SFO. And if that wasn't enough, I got to log my first night landing.

SCFC: What has been difficult for you about your training so far, and how have you handled it?
Landings are a work in progress. Each one is different so it's been tough to learn, but that's what makes it fun. Right now I think I just need a lot more practice.

SCFC: Who will go flying with you once you get your license?
Definitely my dad. I don't think anyone else will be brave enough to fly with me! But right now I'm really looking forward to my first solo flight.

SCFC: What do you do when you're not flying?
Aything outdoors. I just met some paragliders while out hiking, and I can't wait to try it.

The Member Profile is a regular newsletter feature, designed to help SCFC members get to know one another.

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Volunteers - Enhance your Flight Center Experience
Flight Center pilots are involved pilots, and we are often asked if we need help around the Flight Center. The answer is yes. Whether it's helping at a BBQ, acting at greeter on a Saturday afternoon, or assisting the Flight Line crew with moving aircraft, we need you. The best way to get notices with volunteer opportunities is to add yourself to the SCFC Volunteers email list. Login to and click on your name in the upper right corner to change any of your email list settings.
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New Year's Eve - Flight Center Style
If you've hated every New Year's Eve party you've ever attended, we totally understand. Most are just a long slow march to midnight and then some awkwardness about what to do next. That's why we reinvented the Flying Club Holiday Party to take back NYE.

Join us on Tuesday, December 31 at 6:30pm at the Hiller Museum for a truly inspired New Year's Eve Party. We have a lot of fun Flight Center New Year's traditions culminating at 9:59pm with our big countdown to midnight Central Standard Time. After all, we are pilots and the FAA is in Oklahoma City. After the balloon drop, stay around and enjoy the company of the other pilots and the tasty desserts, or head home early to relieve the babysitter. Either way, this will be the best New Year's Eve Party you've ever been to.

Bring an Aspiring Pilot to FlyOutGroup (FOG) Lunch
This month, in the spirit of giving, we are encouraging everyone to bring a student pilot to join the FOG lunch this Sunday afternoon. Student pilots can't fly to lunch wherever they desire, but you can help. This is your chance to be a mentor pilot to someone who is in training.

This Sunday, December 8th we will fly far, far away to beautiful Half Moon Bay for lunch at the 3-Zero Cafe. After lunch, those who are interested can take their passengers on a Bay Tour or a coastal tour before heading back to your home airport. The short, beautiful flight makes this one a perfect mission to bring along friends and family - and soon-to-be private pilots. Click here to sign up and list your available seats.

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Flying By Full Moon
Have you heard about the Full Moon Flyers? Each month, several FOG pilots take part in this fun and social dinner flight. Some are out of night currency, so they fly alone or bring along a CFI. Some are night current and bring along a friend. Some are student pilots with their CFI, fulfilling the night cross country requirement in the company of friends.

Everyone meets up at an airport for dinner, then enjoys an amazingly beautiful flight home. Add three full stop landings into the mix and you've reset your night currency for another 90 days. Night flying in Northern California is pretty spectacular. The bright moon lights up the hills. City lights alternate with rolling hills. And it's never easier to see other airplane traffic.

The next full Moon Flyers is Monday, December 16th. Meet us at Nut Tree airport at 7:00pm. We look forward to it!

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We keep our online calendar updated, so bookmark this page: Better yet, follow the instructions at the top of the page to add this calendar to your iPhone.