One of SCFC’s core values is community. SCFC is very active in the community in a variety of different ways.

Community Events and Activity Sponsorship

SCFC is a proud local business and frequently participates in community entertainment and sporting events through sponsorship, particularly for programs that support local youth. Recent sponsorship include: San Carlos Hometown Days, San Carlos Little League, San Carlos Children’s Theater, and Carlmont High School Choir. We are always looking for ways to strengthen our connection to the local community so if you know of an event that celebrates individuals striving to create, or fosters the sharing of new skills and new knowledge, please contact us to discuss our possible participation. We'd love to show our support.

We routinely look for new sponsorship opportunities, if your organization has an opportunity please contact us to discuss our possible participation.

Your Partner in Community Fundraising

SCFC regularly assists local community organizations with fundraising through silent auction donations of aerial tours or introductory flight lessons. We’ve been pleased to support the likes of: Presidio Hill School, School Force, SCV 99s, Zoo to You, NVCM, R.O.C.K, Keller Williams Red Day, Bayview Hunter’s Point YMCA, BOK Ranch, Adopt International, Muttville, SMP Nursery Program, Coastside Children’s Program, and the Aero Club of California. Each quarter, we select a few organizations to help raise funds.  If your group is having a fundraiser or auction, contact us about the possibility. We may be able to help.

Let SCFC Host Your Meeting

The Flight Center has resources that we may be able to share with your group. We love to be involved in local community events and regularly provide meeting space to local pilot and community groups. If you are involved in a community organization that you think could benefit from San Carlos Flight Center resources or participation, please contact us. Sometimes just having a place to bring people together is enough!